Thursday, July 23, 2015

a new venture with online sales

to my artist friends i have opened two accounts for lisa bonforte and william harmuth in the last few weeks on daily paintworks. it has taken a couple of weeks to find my way around the setting up of pages. the first thing i learned that safari (mac) is not compatible. i switched to google chrome and the process went smoothly. you will need to have a paypal account for the auction or buy now features. i plan on using the buy and auction services for both of us. i recommend that you put a price on your art from the get go...shoppers are looking at give them one. 

start your pricing lower than you usually would. no one really knows you yet and you will need to get a following going in order to break the ice. post your work from the lowest pricing to higher pricing of your larger works. you will need to have low pricing to entice collectors and buyers to review your main page. there is no doubt my fellow artists that gaining more exposure for your work through face book, a blog, an art selling site is how you will have to proceed. i would still recommend putting your work in local venues, galleries or even restaurants for exposure. 

keep yourself open to all venues but keep in mind you will most likely have to do all your marketing on the pavement and on the net. don't be afraid ...just take a step at a time and figure things out. paint what you know and enjoy making your art and others will enjoy following you and eventually will want to own your work. be patient and work your game.